Patient Reviews

Hi Dr. Evy, Blanca, Sabrina, and Kathy!

Thank you once again for such an amazing experience. You are all so wonderful, caring, and very special people. I felt very safe in your care.

The result of the frenectomy has been really quite impressive! I had been recommended for a frenectomy by Carol Vander Stoep who is my orofacial myofunctional therapist and also my dental hygienist. My basic understanding was that a frenectomy would allow me to do the myofunctional therapy to make sure I don’t have problems with my airway. I had also heard it may release my neck/shoulder tension. I wasn’t completely sure what to expect… but soon after the procedure, my body started to feel different in a good way! I have seen chiropractors and massage therapists most of my life for various tension and pain. The first thing I noticed was that my neck started to feel looser when I moved it. Then my arms felt lower than ever before… my neck felt elongated…and I had to keep checking the mirror to make sure everything was still in place! Wow, new sensations! I could feel my neck and shoulder tension easing daily. I was curious so I looked at an old anatomy book. I had heard the tongue is connected to the hyoid bone which is connected to a lot of the neck/shoulder muscles. And it all started to make sense why these muscles started to relax!

I also feel like I breathe better and sleep in a much more relaxed way. I used to feel my breath getting stuck towards my shoulder area but that sensation is gone. It’s only been 2 weeks since the procedure, so I am still really excited to see how my body will continue to benefit. I saw my chiropractor at about a week post procedure, and he noticed a difference already. I feel so lucky to have had this procedure done by Dr. Evy. There is a HUGE difference in my body and my recovery was much faster and easier than expected. Dr. Evy uses laser which causes much less stress on the body and speeds up recovery time compared to the traditional surgery. Unfortunately, our son had this same procedure done by the oral surgeon years ago instead of Dr. Evy (wish we knew you then!!!) and he had a rough time. So I am very very aware of how different it can be.



This practice was recommended to me by a lactation consultant, Tanja Knuston, who felt my newborn was having breastfeeding issues due to his tongue and lip “being tied.” She recommended Dr. Guerrero for a second opinion.  She was able to fit me in the same day! Dr. Guerrero has great bedside manner and her staff is very friendly.  She was able to explain the procedure and post op issues thoroughly and patiently answered any questions. Her office is very clean and modern–not to mention breastfeeding friendly! I highly recommend this practice!

—Mary Ann M.


We recently tried Green Apple Pediatric Dentistry just past Nutty Brown heading east on Hwy 290. The dental assistant and dentist were so sweet with my child. The office was so clean and smelled like a model home. My little one loved watching the movie “Frozen” above the chair while getting an exam and teeth cleaning! I highly recommend this office for the kiddos!

—Yari R.


It’s great… the team seems  really nice.
The place is really clean and comfortable.
I got both my daughters in at the same time very convenient.

—George C.


This place is great.  My kids and I had a great experience here.  Everyone on the staff is kind and patient.  The dentist even called the next day to check on us and to get our feedback about the visit. My only complaint is regarding the new patient paperwork.  If you fail to complete it ahead of time, you have to do it on an IPAD while in the waiting room and it takes forever to get through all the screens (even longer with 2 children as none of the information carries over).  It was really frustrating.  Office is modern and clean. Will definitely be back!

—April M.