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Pediatric Surgical Dentistry

Pediatric Surgical DentistryWe are committed to providing family-friendly dental surgery tailored to your child’s unique health issues. Our pediatric dentists are up-to-date on the latest dental treatments and procedures and will always have your child’s best interest at heart.

From congenital and injury concerns, to dental hygiene issues, we will provide your child with the best possible care and attention while we correct any painful or problematic dental conditions.

We will explain what will happen during the dental procedure to your child at a level he or she can understand, so your child will not be scared of the procedures. During your visit we will describe what happens using simple language, and we take the time to make your child feel at ease before any procedure.

Pediatric Dental Surgical Services We Offer:

  • Removal of an extra tooth (Supernumerary)
  • Removal of an extra tooth located between upper front teeth (Mesiodens)
  • Removal of fractured primary tooth roots
  • Removal of newborn teeth (natal and neonatal)
  • Removal of most soft tissue lesions or abnormalities (mucocele, eruption cyst, papilloma, overgrown gums, warts in the mouth or lip area, inflamed gum tissue over erupting molars, etc.) Note: Soft tissue services are provided with the help of a soft tissue laser.
  • Frenectomy/Frenulectomy — Lip-tie and tongue-tie correction
    Note: we only do revisions with the soft tissue laser for both the lip and the tongue.

Here are some informational videos on the Frenectomy/Frenulectomy procedure.

About Frenectomy

Tongue Tie Laser Surgery

Laser Tongue-Tie Release

Tongue-tie procedure providing relief for some babies

The Effects of Lip and Tongue Tie on Breastfeeding (Dr. Kotlow Interview)

Laser lip and tongue ties surgery on infants with breastfeeding problems (Dr. Kotlow)

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