Holistic Dentistry

Since the dawn of dentistry, the mouth afflictions have been viewed as separate from the rest of the body, as a different organism, rather than part of a whole. 

Holistic dentistry takes a different approach, a new method that is, at the same time, traditional in terms of healing. The most significant difference between old dentistry methods and holistic dentistry is that holistic dentistry works from the understanding that oral health is directly correlated to the health of the rest of the systems in your body, and treats it as such.

We have developed an attitude that dental problems are not health problems, when in fact they are.  Oral problems can be a sign of serious problems elsewhere in your body or, at the least, can lead to serious health issues. We believe that, when we are treating your dental problems, we are healing your whole body.

Therefore, we do not treat “dental problems,” we treat people. We aim to help your natural healing abilities perform at their fullest potential, which helps to lessen healing time, prevents complications, and increases overall health. 

You may not be aware of how important your dental health and treatment is to your overall health and well-being.

Your Dental Health Affects the Rest of Your Health

The correlation between your dental health and your overall wellness is imminent. Studies have shown a clear link between heart disease, diabetes, and gum disease; suffering from gum disease can increase the risks of more serious health issues.

Anecdotal evidence shows that the worse your oral health, the worse your overall health.

On the other hand, it is important to keep in mind that repairing dental problems can alleviate some of these concerns, but dental repair using the wrong materials may lead to even worse health problems.

For this reason, we think it is essential to maintain your dental health as effectively and naturally as possible, using processes and materials that your body will comfortably accept.

Biocompatible Dentistry

While the concept of “biocompatible” materials may sound complicated, we believe they are critical to a successful dental procedure. Let’s look at what the word biocompatible means when it comes to your dental care.

You have most likely heard of blood transfusions, where someone has blood added to their system to replace what has been lost during surgery or in an accident. If so, you also know that blood comes in different “types.” Your blood may be incompatible with the blood of your friends or even family. Therefore, medical science knows to use only compatible blood types.

For a long time, this simple biological fact was not recognized for other parts of your natural system, and dentistry was one of those areas. Little or no thought was given to how biologically compatible the substances used to repair or replace damaged or diseased teeth were for you.

The use of materials not compatible with human tissue can lead to problems more worrisome than just an aching tooth down the road. Think about it, with a blood transfusion, the wrong type of blood is rejected by the recipient’s body at best, and at worst, could kill the patient.

For this reason, we use biologically compatible materials to treat your entire body and not just your mouth. We believe our holistic dental procedures are personal to the patient, and there is no “one size fits all” solution. Your body’s individual needs and abilities must be evaluated so that your issues can be treated in such a way as to improve not just your dental health, but your overall health. When a parent is concerned about biocompatibility we resort to biocompatibility blood testing to determine the most appropriate dental material. 

Mercury Safe Dentistry For Austin

Patients using traditional dentistry methods have teeth repaired with amalgam fillings. Amalgam fillings have been standard practice for decades, but they are not the best choice for your overall health.

One of its ingredients is mercury, which has been long-recognized as a potent neurotoxin. We practice mercury-safe dentistry as a result.

As a prime consideration in holistic dentistry, we refuse to introduce amalgam fillings into your child’s body, which could be bad for their overall health, just to fix a tooth.

Amalgam Filling Removal

Dr. Evy is SMART certified which means the technique to remove an old amalgam filling is specific to minimize the amount of re-exposure to the mercury being released from the old filling.

At Green Apple, we have the knowledge and experience to make sure your old amalgam fillings are removed safely and replaced with the best material for your biology.

Some Crowns May Not Be Biocompatible

If your child has had a metal allergy test performed and has a known allergy to nickel, chromium, or strontium, a stainless steel crown would not be the best choice. Often zirconia crowns are more biocompatible but both crowns have their own clinical applications and we can discuss those at your appointment.

Biological and Healthy Dental Care In Austin

There are many different options for dental care, but not all dental practices are created equal.

Even today, many dentists still use amalgam fillings, and some apply the same techniques that were practiced a century ago despite we now have a broader clearer understanding of the connection between our dental health and the overall health.

Using the wrong materials can cause health problems down the road. 

Dentists that continue to use amalgam fillings and other outdated procedures aren’t out to willfully harm you. Dentists that continue using amalgam fillings and other outdated procedures are not providing services to harm patients. These offices simply are not implementing up-to-date research and procedures, and they are doing things the way they were taught to do them in school, using practices still supported by professional dental organizations. 

However, we have learned many things about the human body during the last century, since some current dental procedures were created. There are ways to provide dental care that is less invasive and more compatible with the body.

We should not ignore our dental problems, but we can make sure our dental professionals are focused on our overall health and not only focused on repairing the problem in front of them. We are a modern, holistic pediatric office!