Dental Emergencies

For Dental Emergencies, please call 512-917-4550.

Contact us immediately!

After Hours

Established patients of Green Apple Pediatric and Family Dentistry should call our after-hours number in the event of a dental emergency. The number is available on our after-hours phone message.

Please refer to the following first aid information for dental emergencies:

  • Permanent (Adult) tooth knocked out: To give your child the best possible outcome place the tooth immediately back into the tooth socket and CONTACT OUR OFFICE IMMEDIATELY. Do this by handling it by the crown part, not the root. If the tooth has debris, rinse with water only. Do not scrub or put any soap or any other type of cleaner. Once it has been inserted, have your child hold the tooth in place by biting firmly on gauze. If you cannot reinsert the tooth, have the patient spit into a cup and place the tooth into the saliva for transport to the dental office. If the patient is able to transport the tooth in the mouth without swallowing it, the tooth can be carried in the patient’s mouth, beside the cheek, and without chewing on it. An alternative is to transport the tooth in a cup of plain milk. If you haven’t reinserted the tooth, you must get the tooth reinserted and stabilized by your dentist ASAP. The less time between trauma and treatment, the higher the probability of saving the tooth.
  • Primary (baby) tooth knocked out: Please contact our office during regular office hours for an appointment. This type of emergency usually does not require immediate attention or treatment. Make sure to keep the affected area clean and free of debris. If bleeding occurs, press gauze against the tooth socket until it stops. Give your child over-the-counter Children’s pain medicine as needed.
  • Chipped or broken permanent (adult) tooth: Please call our office immediately. If the tooth fracture has exposed the nerve, it is essential to receive treatment immediately to prevent infection and reduce the likelihood of prolonged dental treatment. If the tooth fracture has not exposed the nerve and you have the broken tooth fragment, it may be possible to reattach the broken piece. If you cannot find the missing piece, it may be necessary to obtain a digital radiograph of the soft tissue to rule out the embedding of tooth piece into the soft tissue. Give your child over-the-counter pain medicine, rinse the mouth with water, and apply cold compresses to reduce any swelling.
  • Chipped or fractured baby tooth: please contact our office immediately. If the tooth fracture involves exposure of the nerve, treatment is recommended immediately. If the tooth fracture did not cause exposure of the nerve, treatment may not be needed but an examination is recommended to rule out any other trauma injuries. Give your child over-the-counter pain medicine and keep the mouth clean.
  • Possible broken jaw: keep the jaw from moving and take your child to the nearest hospital emergency room. Dell Children’s Medical Center is a great option for children and adolescents with severe traumatic dental injuries involving the jaws.
  • Toothache: please contact our office for an appointment. Rinse the mouth with warm salt water and remove any food that may be impacted in the tooth. Give your child over-the-counter pain medicine as needed. If there is swelling of the affected area and/or the face, apply cold compresses and contact our office immediately as this may constitute a dental emergency.